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The principal, Mark Dixon completed with distinction, the University of Plymouth’s post graduate diploma in Hydrographic survey in 1999. He founded the company after working in the International division of Racal Survey (later known as Thales) latterly as a senior surveyor in the Chief Surveyor’s office.  Before joining the hydrographic survey community, he worked as a physicist for British Nuclear Fuels and as a Science producer at Yorkshire Television. He spent several years a commercial yacht skipper under sail. Mark graduated from Balliol College, Oxford University in 1974.



Dixon Geos Ltd, formerly trading as Dixon Survey & Navigation, is UK based and has been operating in the field of geophysical and hydrographic survey since 2004.


The present limited company is registered in England and Wales and was incorporated in 2009.  Since 2022 it has been based in Swansea, South Wales.

Dixon Geos Ltd can call on a rich network of well-qualified and experienced associates on a per project basis.

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