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Offshore client representation

Mark Dixon has been working as an offshore client representative since 2004 when he left Racal Survey to undertake independent survey supervision contracts. He has earned a reputation for well managed projects  and thorough, insightful reports.

Dixon Geos Ltd offers survey supervision expertise in the following areas:

Hydrographic survey

Hydrographic survey from large ocean going vessels 

Hydrographic survey from small inshore vessels

Hydrographic survey with AUV

Geophysical survey
Construction support

Dixon Geos Ltd provides construction supervision for:

Jacket installation

Templates and sub-sea structures

Pipeline, umbilical and cable lay

Rock and mattress installation

Trenching and ploughing

Work class ROV operations

Semi-sub and jack-up rig moves

Sub-sea well setting

Anchors and moorings

Risers and mid-water arches

Shallow marine geophysics

Pipeline route surveys

High resolution geophysical site surveys

Debris clearance and UXO surveys

Geotechnical survey

Sampling and gravity coring



Environmental survey
Geomatics and Ocean science

Dixon Geos Ltd has expertise in the following areas:

Geodetic computations and transforms using Python and Matlab

Control surveys

GNSS PPP and RTK positioning

Acoustic USBL and LBL subsurface positioning

Dimensional control 

Tidal computation and measurement


Marine weather

Environmental baseline surveys

Seabed grab sampling

Seawater sampling

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